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Wow, the site looks great! Very simple, informative and straight to the point! Now I definitely know where I want to go for my own countertop installation. I wish you guys much success ;-)

6/21/2019 06:35:13 am

To whom this may concern,

I wanted to speak with you regarding our publication, The South Houston Edition of The Golfer’s Magazine. We are allowed to list no more than 2 companies to represent each Industry in this publication. It´s different from advertising online or in The Yellow Pages where there are multiple companies that provide the services that you provide. It´s also a good way to get your Business Name inside of these Clubs and target these Homeowners and Members who can afford your services. Please take a look at the information below and if you are interested in being 1 of the 2 Countertop Stores that we are allowed to list, please contact me. My contact information is listed down below.

Thank You,


The Golfer’s Magazine stands apart as the premier publisher for businesses and services that want to cater to members and guests of high-end country clubs. Our South Houston Edition of “The Golfer’s Magazine” will prove to be no exception. As one of the Recommended Services or Businesses your listing in our magazine will be made available free of charge, to the members, homeowners and guests of the high-end country clubs where they are distributed.

I am enclosing a few items with this note. One is a link to our web site, which I highly encourage you to visit. Another is my contact information as well as a list of the facilities that receive our Country Club Magazine. We do look forward to earning your business and designing an AD for you soon.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day!!


Katie Cruz
(954) 333-8557

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Club List (10)
Black Hawk Country Club
BraeBurn Country Club
Houston Country Club
Lakeside Country Club
Riverbend Country Club
Royal Oaks Country Club
Sweetwater Country Club
The Club at Falcon Point
Westwood Golf Club
Willow Fork Country Club

Pricing & Page Sizes
Prices are for the entire year for all clubs
1/4 Page (4.75" x 1.8") $400
1/2 page (4.75" x 3.7") $500
Full Page (5.75" x 8.75") $700

Additional charges for Special Placement may apply
Front Inside Cover $1200
Back Outside Cover $1400
Back Inside Cover $1000
Left or Right Side of Centerfold $800 (Each Side)
Full Spread Centerfold $1400
2 Full Page Spread Editorial $1400

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The Golfers Magazine is provided "as is", "with all faults" and "as available". We reserve the right to change the clubs where the magazine is distributed. Logos and pictures used in the ads displayed remain the property of the respective business owners.


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